Motion S4M-12215: Radicalisation in Nurseries and Universities

30 Jan 2015

That the Parliament notes concerns expressed by children’s organisations, human rights organisations, religious leaders and several Scottish universities regarding the UK Government’s plans to impose new education regulations as part of proposed anti-terror legislation; understands that this legislation could mean that universities would have to provide details of foreign speakers to the authorities at least two weeks in advance of any speech, including information in relation to the topics that the speakers will cover; further understands that nursery staff would be expected to monitor children as young as two years old for signs of radicalisation; believes that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that children in Glasgow Shettleston or in Scotland as a whole are becoming radicalised, and hopes that individuals, organisations and governments will act proportionately when considering the balance between protecting citizens and protecting liberal democratic traditions, particularly freedom of speech and thought.

Motion S4M-12202: Celtic v Rangers in the League Cup

29 Jan 2015

That the Parliament notes the upcoming SPFL Scottish League Cup semi-final fixture between Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers football clubs; recognises the significance of this clash to many people in Scotland; believes that this event will attract widespread continental attention, and hopes that it will be an occasion to be proud of.

Motion S4M-12155: World Leprosy Day

26 Jan 2015

That the Parliament notes that World Leprosy Day took place on 25 January 2015; expresses its support for the efforts of The Leprosy Mission in its quest to bring healing and justice to people affected by leprosy, and hopes that more people will become aware of leprosy as a 21st century disease that afflicts some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised people.

Weekly Video Blog: The Weather

24 Jan 2015