Motion S4M-12509:: Crocket the Ironmonger

03 Mar 2015

That the Parliament notes with sadness the decision of the family-owned Glaswegian business, Crocket the Ironmonger, to close after 145 years of trading, which will lead to 17 job losses; understands that the closure of the shop on West Nile Street is said to be the result of increasing rent, rates and parking restrictions; believes that small businesses now face increased pressure as a consequence of the development of large shopping centres and internet shopping; considers that small businesses form an important part of Scotland’s economy and that independent traders such as Crocket the Ironmonger are of economic and cultural significance, and urges that consideration of small businesses be taken into account when large scale retail developments are being considered.

Motion S4M-12501: The Armenian Genocide

03 Mar 2015

That the Parliament notes with sadness the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide; understands that this took place while the Ottoman Empire was struggling in the First World War, was facing the redistribution of its territories amongst Russia, France, Britain, Italy and Greece and was concerned about ethnic and religious minorities in its midst; expresses sorrow at the suffering experienced during that period of time in the area now considered part of the modern Republic of Turkey; notes the terrible death toll, which it understands to have been estimated at 1.5 million people between 1914 and 1923 but with a particular focus on 1915, including the arrest on 24 April of that year and subsequent execution of many Armenian intellectuals and leaders; notes that many Assyrians and Ottoman Greeks also lost their lives; understands that some groups, including the Turkish state, deny that the Armenian Genocide took place, and hopes that such human intolerance will not bring about similar suffering again.

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01 Mar 2015

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22 Feb 2015