S4M-12696: Inheritance Tax

17 Mar 2015

That the Parliament notes recent suggestions that the inheritance tax threshold might rise to £1,000,000; considers it to be strange that large gains on the value of a home are not taxed at all while other forms of income are normally taxed; further considers that such a change in inheritance tax is likely to lead to a widening of the gap between the rich and poor, and believes that any such change would be completely unjustified.

Motion S4M-12617: Transport Police Devolution

10 Mar 2015

That the Parliament welcomes the plan to devolve to it responsibility for the functions of the British Transport Police in Scotland; considers that there would be little point in having two separate forces, with one having over 17,000 officers and the other only 231, and believes that it is only sensible that Police Scotland carries out all of these functions.

Motion S4M-12616: Female Genital Mutilation Funding

10 Mar 2015

That the Parliament welcomes the Scottish Government’s announcement that nearly £220,000 of funding will be made available to help prevent female genital mutilation (FGM) in Scotland; notes that this money will go to charities that support those affected by FGM; hopes that the money will help to raise awareness of and provide aid to the 3,000 girls born of mothers who come to Scotland from FGM-practising countries; believes that FGM has no place in Scotland, and pledges to do all that it can to stop this cruel and barbaric practice.

Weekly Video Blog: Deficits

09 Mar 2015