Motion S5M-16592: Electric Trains Prove to be a Success

26 Mar 2019

That the Parliament notes the recent results from Hitachi’s rail experience survey, which shows that 86% of the 1,020 surveyed rail passengers reported an improvement to their journeys since the introduction of the new Class 385 electric trains; further notes that 83% of passengers were satisfied with their travelling experience, with only 6% reporting dissatisfaction; understands that passengers have also been favourable towards the Class 385’s improved interiors, increased speeds and reduced environmental impacts; agrees that the continued modernisation of Scotland’s railways will bring considerable benefits to rail passengers, and celebrates what it sees as the success of the recent introduction of Hitachi’s Class 385 electric trains.

Motion S5M-16421: Reversing Gender Stereotypes in Jobs

22 Mar 2019

That the Parliament considers that gender stereotypes in jobs continue to exist; agrees that gender stereotypes prevent individuals throughout Scotland, including in Glasgow Shettleston, from realising their full potential, which it believes harms society as a whole; notes what it sees as the excellent work done by Glasgow Caledonian University, including its campaign, @GCUMenRnurses2, and other organisations, in encouraging both men and women to explore their potential beyond traditionally-gendered employment patterns, and further notes calls for additional work to be undertaken to address occupational gender segregation for the benefit of society.

Question S50-03011: To ask the Scottish Government what support it can give toward the annual running costs of the Scottish Jewish heritage centre in Glasgow

20 Mar 2019

John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (SNP):

To ask the Scottish Government what support it can give toward the annual running costs of the Scottish Jewish heritage centre in Glasgow. (S5O-03011)

The Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs (Fiona Hyslop):

We value our relationships with our Jewish communities, and the significant and important contributions that those communities make to Scottish society. The Scottish Jewish heritage centre shares in our ambition to promote interfaith dialogue, to strengthen and enhance connections across communities and to lower barriers, eliminate fear and increase understanding. I recognise the importance of learning about the Holocaust as well as taking action to tackle religious prejudice, including antisemitism. I urge the centre to explore with Museums Galleries Scotland museum accreditation and related support. In addition, the next wave of the Scottish Government’s promoting equality and cohesion fund will be open for application in 2020, and I suggest that the centre considers developing an application, in the coming year, for relevant projects.

John Mason:

I thank the cabinet secretary for her encouraging reply. Does she agree with me and, I think, the Jewish community, that there is ignorance not just about the Holocaust but about Jews, Judaism, Jewish history, the Jewish way of life and the considerable Jewish community in Scotland, and that such ignorance can lead to antisemitism, when people do not understand properly?

Fiona Hyslop:

I absolutely agree. The more understanding there is, the greater the tolerance, appreciation—and indeed celebration—of the variety of religions and cultures that we have in Scotland. That is an important part of promoting the positives and explaining the experiences that other people perhaps do not understand. John Mason made the point well.

This exchange can be found here.

Motion S5M-16378: Scotland’s Falling Birth Rate

14 Mar 2019

That the Parliament notes that the National Records of Scotland has reported that the birth rate has fallen to its lowest level since records began in 1855; believes that this clearly demonstrates Scotland’s need for a steady supply of economically active migrants; considers that the country’s economy is likely to be disproportionately affected by what it sees as the UK Government’s ill-considered and London-centric post-Brexit immigration policy, and urges all Members to call on immigration to be devolved as a matter of urgency.