Weekly Video Blog: School Bus Service Cuts

10 Apr 2015

Motion S4M-12920: Steam Train Ban

10 Apr 2015

That the Parliament notes the recent concerns raised by local businesses in Mallaig after Network Rail issued a six-week ban on the licence of the Lancashire-based operator, West Coast Railways; considers that West Coast Railways’ The Jacobite steam train service is an extremely important contributor to the economy of Mallaig and its surrounding area; understands that this ban was imposed after one of West Coast Railways’ trains ran through a red light; considers that Network Rail is right to have emphasised the importance of railway safety, but hopes that a solution can be found sooner rather than later so that Mallaig’s local economy will not be negatively affected.

April 2015 Newsletter

07 Apr 2015

April Edition 2015 – Parliamentary Patter

  • Local MSP Calls For Action On E-Cigarettes
  • John Questions School Bus Service Changes
  • Pupils Pay A Visit!
  • MSP Supports Marie Curie Scotland’s #DaffodilAppeal
  • Motions lodged at Parliament in March
  • Registered to vote?

S4M-12870: Alcopops of the Nicotine World

31 Mar 2015

That the Parliament notes the recent research report that suggests that one in five 14 to 17-year-olds have tried or bought e-cigarettes; understands that the researchers labelled these products as “the alcopops of the nicotine world”; considers that e-cigarettes could act as a gateway to more harmful cigarette smoking for children in Shettleston and across the country who might otherwise not choose to take it up; notes the view that action must be taken to avoid a generation of new smokers being developed, and further notes that the researchers have called for tougher regulations to ensure that children are unable to purchase or make use of e-cigarettes.