Weekly Video Blog: Commonwealth Anniversary

01 Aug 2015

Motion S4M-13865: Police Scotland and the BTP

30 Jul 2015

That the Parliament welcomes the proposed merger of the British Transport Police (BTP) in Scotland into Police Scotland; notes that this would mean that the BTP’s 231 officers would join Police Scotland’s roster of 17,318 officers; considers that it makes no sense to have two separate police forces in Scotland of such radically different sizes, which can lead to confusion over responsibilities; believes that the expertise of the 231 BTP officers must be protected after the merger, especially in relation to reopening rail lines after an incident, and further believes that integrated policing will be in the best interests of the Scottish public.

Motion S4M-13851: Winchburgh Tunnel

29 Jul 2015

That the Parliament welcomes the completion of the Winchburgh Tunnel upgrade as part of the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Project (EGIP); notes that this complex work, which cost £17 million and saw the lowering of the rail line to allow for its electrification, was delivered in just six weeks; appreciates the patience of the many rail passengers who have seen their journey times lengthened; congratulates the engineers and staff involved in completing this difficult task on time and without any major unexpected incidents, and looks forward to the benefits of faster, longer and greener trains.

Motion S4M-13840: Glasgow Anti-Gambling Initiative

28 Jul 2015

That the Parliament notes the new anti-problem gambling initiative being pioneered in Glasgow; believes that Glasgow has more betting shops per person than anywhere else in the UK; considers that problem gambling is a huge issue that can cause a great deal of social damage to individuals and their families, especially in poorer areas; understands that this scheme will mean that problem gamblers will be able to call a confidential helpline and request that they be refused service at any of the 36 participating city centre betting shops in Glasgow; believes that this means that individuals will not have to fill in different forms at every different operator; welcomes this new initiative; hopes that it will prove successful in supporting problem gamblers as they attempt to cope with their addiction, and looks forward to the scheme’s scope being widened beyond Glasgow city centre in years to come.