Programme for Government

15 Sep 2017

A Good News Week!

19 Aug 2017

Motion S5M-07152: The Right to Self-determination

18 Aug 2017

That the Parliament believes in the fundamental right to self-determination, which is enshrined in the charter of the United Nations; notes that the Catalonian and Kurdish people will be turning to this right to determine their future in the coming months; understands that the Catalonian Government has scheduled a referendum on 1 October 2017 on whether to become an independent republic and that Iraqi Kurdistan will be holding a referendum on 25 September on whether to form an independent Kurdish state; considers that while each nation is in its own unique constitutional position, each has the right to self-determination, and looks forward to Catalonia, Kurdistan and Scotland all becoming independent nations.

Motion S5M-07140: Education Success

18 Aug 2017

That the Parliament notes that Scottish school pupils achieved more than 150,000 higher passes for the third year in a row; welcomes the news that a record number of students from deprived backgrounds achieved entry into university; understands that the number of students from the 20% most deprived areas being accepted to university has risen by 13% compared to the previous year; notes that, alongside a record number of students from deprived backgrounds being accepted, there has also been a record number of students in general getting places at Scottish universities, and considers that these figures represent tangible progress in the ongoing efforts to widen access to education, underline the strength of Scottish education and confirm that this is a sector in which the people of Scotland can all take great pride.