Calton Community Council looking for volunteers

06 Jun 2018

Calton Community Council is looking for volunteers to stand for election to fill seven places and ensure that the committee can continue to work to champion the local area.

If you live in the area and are interested you can find out more below:


Nominations are invited from residents who are 16 years or over to join Calton Community Council


1.    Qualification


Anyone over 16 years of age who resides within the Community Council boundary area can stand for election.  All that is required is that the candidate, proposer and seconders’ names appear on the Electoral Register.


For those whose names do not appear on the Electoral Register, a supplementary form to be accompanied with original documentation which confirms place of residence can be obtained from Glasgow City Council (see below).  This form should be returned by 12 noon on Friday, 20th July 2018.


2.    Vacancies


There are currently 7 vacancies being advertised for Calton Community Council.


3.    Closing Date


Valid nomination forms must be submitted to Glasgow City Council (see below) by 12 noon on Friday, 20th July 2018.


4.    Filling Vacancies


  • Uncontested Election Meeting:


Should 7 or fewer valid nominations be submitted to Glasgow City Council, the candidates will be elected unopposed on Thursday, 9th August 2018 at 7pm in Calton Heritage & Learning Centre, 423 London Road, Calton, Glasgow G40 1AG


  • Contested Election – Secret Ballot:


Should more than 7 valid nominations be submitted to Glasgow City Council by 12 noon on Friday, 3rd August 2018, a secret ballot will take place in the Calton Heritage & Learning Centre, 423 London Road, Calton, Glasgow G40 1AG on Thursday, 9th August 2018.


Qualifying residents* will be entitled to cast up to 7 votes during the ballot opening hours 5.30pm – 8.30pm.  A list of candidates will be publicly advertised 10 days before the secret ballot.  The results of the secret ballot will be confirmed at the next scheduled meeting of the community council.


*To vote at a community council election, residents’ names and addresses must appear on the Electoral Register or be confirmed using a supplementary form (see Qualification above).


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John Responds to Celtic Park and Emirates Arena Parking

05 Jun 2018

John submitted his response to the Celtic Park and Emirates Arena – Proposed Event Day Parking Scheme.

Local residents regularly find themselves blocked in their homes when events are on and emergency vehicles find it difficult to access the residential streets around Celtic Park and the Emirates due to the large volume of traffic that comes with these events.

John is supportive of the proposals though has raised some additional concerns and ideas, including:

  1. How the proposal can ensure that the needs of those with mobility issues but no blue badge can be catered for.
  2. The possibility of a multi-storey car park at Celtic FC.
  3. The possibility of extra buses and trains being organised to meet the larger demand on match days.
  4. Support for a new railway station at Parkhead Forge.

You can read Johns full letter here.

Motion S5M-12236: The Rich List and Inequality

15 May 2018

That the Parliament deplores what it sees as the increasing gap between the richest and poorest in society; notes the release of The Sunday Times Rich List 2018 , which suggests that there are 11 billionaires in Scotland, with a combined wealth of £16.2 billion; believes with regret that such inequality causes damage to the economy and has a negative impact on the most deprived people; considers that, through progressive taxation, some of this wealth could be channelled into making Scotland a fairer country, and calls on the UK Government to crack down on tax avoidance to ensure that tax is paid where it is due.

Scottish National Investment Bank

13 May 2018