S4M-05295: Proven or Not Proven

21 Dec 2012

S4M-05295 John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament notes the renewed suggestion that the choice of three possible verdicts in criminal trials should be reduced to two; considers that, in many cases, not proven is a more appropriate verdict than not guilty, and urges that, if there is to be a reduction to two verdicts, consideration should be given to these being proven and not proven.

S4M-05237: Scotland’s population is on the up

18 Dec 2012

S4M-05237 John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (Scottish National Party):  That the Parliament welcomes the publication of recent census data that shows that Scotland’s population, after years of decline, has reached 5.29 million, and believes that an increased population is inherently a good thing for Glasgow and Scotland, leading to growth in the economy, the tax base, new businesses, employment opportunities, improved local services, public transport and better use of currently derelict land in rural and urban environments.

S4M-05173: Jobcentre Plus

11 Dec 2012

S4M-05173 # John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament believes that work experience is an important factor in encouraging employability; expresses grave concern at recent media reports suggesting that Jobcentre Plus, together with some employers, are exploiting jobseekers in Glasgow Shettleston and across the country by asking them to carry out unpaid work under the guise of work experience; considers that such arrangements do not add to the applicants’ experience nor help them get closer to paid employment, and recognises calls for clearer guidelines on work experience that detail what is and is not acceptable practice.

S4M-05131: Better Together?

06 Dec 2012

S4M-05131 John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament regrets what it considers to be the UK Government’s mishandling of the economy, putting the UK’s triple-A credit rating at risk; considers that this is another example of Scotland being failed by the UK, and believes that an independent Scottish Government of varying political colours would be better able to protect Scotland’s strong reputation for financial responsibility than is likely under the current constitutional settlement.