Motion S5M-16421: Reversing Gender Stereotypes in Jobs

22 Mar 2019

That the Parliament considers that gender stereotypes in jobs continue to exist; agrees that gender stereotypes prevent individuals throughout Scotland, including in Glasgow Shettleston, from realising their full potential, which it believes harms society as a whole; notes what it sees as the excellent work done by Glasgow Caledonian University, including its campaign, @GCUMenRnurses2, and other organisations, in encouraging both men and women to explore their potential beyond traditionally-gendered employment patterns, and further notes calls for additional work to be undertaken to address occupational gender segregation for the benefit of society.

Motion S5M-16378: Scotland’s Falling Birth Rate

14 Mar 2019

That the Parliament notes that the National Records of Scotland has reported that the birth rate has fallen to its lowest level since records began in 1855; believes that this clearly demonstrates Scotland’s need for a steady supply of economically active migrants; considers that the country’s economy is likely to be disproportionately affected by what it sees as the UK Government’s ill-considered and London-centric post-Brexit immigration policy, and urges all Members to call on immigration to be devolved as a matter of urgency.

Motion S5M-16255: Glasgow Leading the Way in Asylum Reform

11 Mar 2019

That the Parliament acknowledges that Glasgow could become the first UK city to pilot changes to the asylum process based on the recommendations of a multi-agency taskforce; understands that, if implemented, the reforms would allow asylum seekers in Glasgow to enter employment from six months after their asylum claim has been submitted, and to register and make further submissions in Glasgow, instead of having to travel to Croydon and Liverpool, respectively, at their own cost; considers that these changes would help those fleeing persecution, famine and war to feel more at ease during the stressful application process, and commends Glasgow City Council for, it considers, leading the way in asylum reform to the benefit of all in society.

Motion S5M-16169: More First-time Buyers Finding a Home

05 Mar 2019

That the Parliament notes the recent research from the Bank of Scotland, which it understands shows the number of first-time buyers in Scotland to have grown by more than 50% in the last decade; believes that first-time buyers now make up close to a half of all house purchases with a mortgage, and congratulates those who have managed to purchase their own home; welcomes that Scotland continues to be one of the most affordable places to purchase a property in the UK, and further welcomes the additional £100 million investment from the Scottish Government in the Help to Buy scheme from April 2019.