Motion S5M-00375: McCulloch Rail in America

08 Jun 2016

That the Parliament congratulates Billy and Danny McCulloch of McCulloch Rail on the news of their contract to provide the New York Subway system with brand new rail laying machines; understands that, until the introduction of the McCullochs’ new machine, laying track in the New York subway had been handled manually, which had led to a high level of injuries for workers due to the backbreaking nature of the work; understands that, alongside this, there have been notes of interest from metros across the United States, including Washington DC; looks forward to seeing what it is sure will be the ongoing success of McCulloch Rail both in Scotland and abroad, and considers that Scotland is well able to lead the world in engineering and in other fields.

Motion S5M-00137: Scottish Cup Final

01 Jun 2016

That the Parliament notes the excellent Scottish Cup Final at Hampden Park on 21 May 2016 but shares the widely felt disappointment at the scenes following the game; understands that football can be a great opportunity for fans to let off steam but that there have to be limits as to what behaviour is acceptable; notes calls to change the law in relation to football, including repealing the ban on alcohol and relaxing the rules on offensive behaviour, and, in light of the recent situation, considers that this would not be an appropriate time to relax the law in either of these areas.

Motion S5M-00125: Call for Turkey to give UN access

01 Jun 2016

That the Parliament notes the reports that the UN Human Rights Commissioner, Zeid Raad al-Hussein, has urged Turkey to grant the UN unimpeded access to the areas in the mainly Kurdish south-east of the country that are affected by fighting; is concerned by the commissioner’s accounts of unarmed civilians, including women and children, being shot by snipers during the crackdown; understands that government forces have brought huge damage to the area’s infrastructure, and urges the Turkish Government to allow international observers full access to ensure the observation of human rights, by both sides, at all times in the conflict.

Motion S5M-00057: Koh-i-Noor Stone

18 May 2016

That the Parliament notes reports that India will continue to seek the return of the Koh-i-Noor stone; understands that this diamond passed into British hands in the mid-19th century following the annexation of the Kingdom of Punjab by the East India Company; considers that, in principle, former colonial powers should return such artefacts to the country of origin; appreciates that there are other countries that feel that they have valid claims on the stone, and hopes that the UK Government can engage in dialogue with a view to resolving this situation.