Motion S5M-02214: Fall in Value of Pound

01 Nov 2016

That the Parliament notes the considerable fall in the value of the pound in recent months; understands that this fall has been primarily brought about by the vote to leave the EU; further notes recent news of inflationary price increases in tea, foreign holidays and Marmite among other goods and services; considers that the strength of a currency is often a good measure of the strength of a country’s economy; remembers times when countries such as Italy, Turkey, and Greece saw their currencies devalue dramatically because of their weak economies, and considers that the Conservative administration at Westminster has proven itself unable to manage the economy of the UK.

Motion S5M-01268: Fall in Serious Road Injuries on A9

07 Sep 2016

“That the Parliament welcomes the figures released by the A9 Safety Group, which show a decrease in the number of deaths on the A9 following the introduction of average speed cameras on the route; understands that the figures show that four fewer people were killed on the road and 22 fewer received serious injuries, compared to an equivalent period pre-installation; further welcomes the findings that the number of fatal and serious collisions has fallen by 45%, and believes that the decision to implement average speed cameras on the A9 should be considered a resounding success.”

Motion S5M-01063: Addressing Gender Inequalities in University

25 Aug 2016

That the Parliament welcomes the news that action will be taken to address the gender gap in university intake as part of the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Gender Action Plan; understands that, since the 1990s, the rates of participation of young men have consistently fallen behind their female counterparts and that in 2015 just 42.5% of undergraduates in Scotland were male, compared with 57.5% who were female; further understands that the SFC has noted that there is already a significant amount of work in progress to tackle female underrepresentation in particular courses but that there is much less being done to tackle the general underrepresentation of male students; notes the disparity in drop-out rates between the genders, with males from deprived backgrounds much less likely to complete their course; appreciates that there are many factors that can lead to this disparity, and welcomes the commitment to ensure that all, regardless of their circumstance, will have equal opportunity to access university.

Motion S5M-01032: Airport Link

25 Aug 2016

That the Parliament supports a rail link between Glasgow City and Airport in principle; believes however that such a link might struggle to significantly improve on the journey times that are currently provided by the shuttle bus service; hopes that any transport links considered between the airport and city will include other destinations that would benefit from a rail link, such as the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Braehead shopping centre and the town of Renfrew, and considers that improving transport links would bring a positive impact to the people of Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Scotland as a whole.