S5M-20346: Growing Tensions in the Middle East

08 Jan 2020

That the Parliament expresses its concern regarding the risk of increased violence in the Middle East following the assassination by the US of the Iranian, Qasem Soleimani, near Baghdad airport; acknowledges the recent escalation of violence, with Iran’s first direct act of aggression towards the US since 1979 coming in the form of ballistic missile attacks on two bases in Iraq that house US and coalition troops; questions whether the assassination of Soleimani can legitimately be considered defensive; considers that the US being a Western, mainly white, English-speaking country does not offer grounds for Scotland and the UK to automatically support it; recognises the long-term tensions in the Middle East; believes that only through serious peace talks with no pre-conditions can there be long-term peace, and considers that such talks must include representatives of the US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Russia and the EU.

Motion S5M – 19667: Review of the Scottish Fiscal Commission by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

31 Oct 2019
That the Parliament notes what it considers the very positive review of the Scottish Fiscal Commission (SFC) by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which was published on 24 October 2019; further notes the OECD’s comments that the SFC’s independence is “underpinned by strong enabling legislation” and by the “culture of independence instilled by its first chair” and that “the SFC is relatively well resourced in comparison to European peers”; appreciates the OECD’s nine recommendations, including giving the SFC “a statutory right to access data held by UK Government departments and public bodies”, ensuring that the SFC “has sufficient time to deliver good quality and accurate forecasts”, and that the SFC and the Parliament should strengthen engagement with committees and MSPs, and considers that a strong Independent Fiscal Institution (IFI) benefits public finances for the whole of Scotland, including in the Glasgow Shettleston constituency.

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Motion S5M-17960: No Need for an Edinburgh Mayor

26 Jun 2019

That the Parliament notes the call for Edinburgh to have an elected mayor; believes that concentrating power in the hands of a single individual is less democratic and more dangerous than the current system of distributed power, which allows for greater inclusivity; considers that there are significant drawbacks to having an elected mayor as a form of governance; believes that this can be seen by the limited number of democratic developed countries that operate a fully presidential-style system at the national level, and considers that it is not always in Scotland’s best interests to merely replicate political changes occurring in England.

Motion S5M-17888: An Honourable Mention

21 Jun 2019

That the Parliament thanks all members of society who contribute to making Scotland a great place to live, from the medical staff, teachers and emergency responders to the refuse collectors, builders and business owners; considers that not receiving an honour from The Queen does not make a person less worthy of respect, praise and admiration for their achievements in improving the lives of the people around them, and applauds those who continue to make a difference, with or without approval or recognition from the “British Empire”.