S5M-20346: Growing Tensions in the Middle East

08 Jan 2020

That the Parliament expresses its concern regarding the risk of increased violence in the Middle East following the assassination by the US of the Iranian, Qasem Soleimani, near Baghdad airport; acknowledges the recent escalation of violence, with Iran’s first direct act of aggression towards the US since 1979 coming in the form of ballistic missile attacks on two bases in Iraq that house US and coalition troops; questions whether the assassination of Soleimani can legitimately be considered defensive; considers that the US being a Western, mainly white, English-speaking country does not offer grounds for Scotland and the UK to automatically support it; recognises the long-term tensions in the Middle East; believes that only through serious peace talks with no pre-conditions can there be long-term peace, and considers that such talks must include representatives of the US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Russia and the EU.