Motion S5M-20229: Child Obesity and Deprivation

18 Dec 2019

That the Parliament understands from a recent Information Services Division (ISD) report that child obesity figures hardly changed between 2001-02 and 2018, with 10.1% of five-year-olds being obese 17 years ago, compared with 10.2% last year; considers, however, that these figures mask a widening health inequality between five-year-old children living in the most deprived 20% of the population and those from the most affluent backgrounds; understands that, for the most deprived 20% of the population, the obesity rate for five-year-old children is 13.7%, while, for those from the most affluent backgrounds, this rate is 6.5%; believes that, in 2001-02, the difference in obesity for this age group between these two populations was only 0.2%; considers that a widening gap of obesity rates between wealthy and deprived areas is a cause for serious concern in the Glasgow Shettleston constituency, which contains some of Scotland’s most deprived areas, and notes the view that action must be taken, not only to reduce obesity levels but also to reduce the widening health inequalities experienced by young people.