12 Sep 2013

Scottish MPs say no – London ploughs ahead anyway

Glasgow Shettleston’s MSP John Mason has reacted with anger today (Thursday) following the announcement that the Westminster government has confirmed the sale of shares in Royal Mail.

Commenting from the Scottish Parliament, local MSP John Mason said:

“This is yet another deeply flawed Westminster decision, which threatens to have particularly harmful consequences for Scotland where so many of our communities rely on our existing Royal Mail service

“Given our experience of previous privatisations from London-led Governments, no-one seriously believes that the regulator will provide real protection to consumers on either prices or services.

“Once again we see Scottish MPs voting one way and Westminster enacting the opposite.  We saw it with the bedroom tax which 91% of Scottish MPs voted against and now we’re seeing it with Royal Mail privatisation which 78% of Scottish MPs voted against.  It is therefore my opinion that the only way to ensure that Scotland’s voice really counts is for it to take on the normal powers of independence.

“Royal Mail must be viewed as part of our national infrastructure not just as another business.  Devolution has certainly allowed us to take some of our own decisions, for example not to privatise the NHS like they’re doing south of the border, but only independence will put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

“Consistently Scotland’s voice has been ignored by London Governments.  It’s time to take these decisions in Scotland, and for Scotland”.