31 Aug 2012

Shettleston MSP open, accessible, and available


Local MSP for the East End, John Mason, is today celebrating the one year anniversary of the opening of his shop-front Constituency Office in Parkhead.  Since opening his Parkhead office, Mr Mason and his team of staff have dealt with 1,553 constituency cases.

The SNP MSP, who pledged to open a shop front Constituency Office if elected, said he saw his Parkhead Cross office as part of his “open, accessible and available” agenda.  During his two years as the Member of the Westminster Parliament for Glasgow East, John Mason also opened a highly visible shop front office on Shettleston Road, where he and his team of staff dealt with over 2,000 constituency cases in just two years.

In campaigning to win the city’s East End seat at Holyrood last year, John Mason pointed out that local Labour politicians often stand for election, and then quickly disappear into a business centre where no-one can see them or get assistance with constituency cases. 

Speaking from his Parkhead base, the SNP’s John Mason MSP, said:

“I am delighted that we now have an established Constituency Office in the East End, which local residents can easily approach for advice and assistance.  Since being elected last year, we have literally been working non-stop with casework, which is good in one sense, because it means people are keeping in contact with their MSP.  What is a little more disappointing, however, is the number of problems people experience on a daily basis.  These can range from issues like missed refuse collections, to major issues like benefits being stopped or people being made homeless. 

“Housing continues to be the main problem that constituents bring to my attention.  Just recently I was visiting a constituent at home who is wheelchair bound but is living in a third floor flat – that’s just wrong and is a typical example as to why we need continued investment in socially rented housing.  I’ll continue to call for more investment in housing in Holyrood.

“My fully-staffed Constituency Office is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, and open until 7pm on a Friday for constituents who wish to attend my popular Friday evening surgery.

“During last year’s election, I pledged to be open, accessible and available to my constituents.  Every constituent can phone me at the office or on my mobile and anyone can visit my Constituency Office during the week.  Similarly, I am committed to delivering local newsletters around the East End – not just during elections, but throughout the year – and keeping people up to date with my activities in Holyrood and the East End.

“It is a privilege to be the local MSP for Glasgow Shettleston and I am here to serve the people as best I can.  We all know the East End has its problems and people need help with a variety of issues, be it housing, social work, education or health.  My office is open and my team staff and I are always here to help”.