02 Jul 2012

Shettleston’s MSP, John Mason, recently met management at the Freshlink factory in Shettleston, whose staff are undergoing a 90-day consultation period, which could see the factory close and work move to England. This could result in about 145 jobs being lost in the East End, which the Shettleston MSP described as a “serious blow to the individuals and to the area”.

Commenting after his meeting, the SNP MSP, said: “My priority is trying to help keep local folk in work. Any job losses in the East End – where unemployment has actually fallen over the last year – is a serious blow to the area.

“I met with factory management on Friday and I am disappointed with the company’s apparent lack of enthusiasm to work through this situation. People’s livelihoods are at stake here – now is not the time for playing games. As far as I can understand, they have already been offered a fairly generous package to help them move within the area.

“There are a number of questions I would like answers to. For example, what would it take to keep Freshlink in the East End or have they already decided to leave?

“One of the major things Freshlink need to consider is that they have a large and skilled workforce in the East End. Clearly any relocation would mean having to train new staff elsewhere from scratch.

“I am willing to work with trade unions, local politicians, Clyde Gateway and Scottish Enterprise to find a resolution here.”