SNP demands a fair deal on fuel prices

22 Apr 2010


The SNP today pledged to champion fairer fuel prices for Scotland’s voters as figures showed fuel duty has increased by 45% under Labour.

SNP MPs will demand a fair fuel regulator to protect motorists from soaring fuel prices and will press the UK Government to adopt lower fuel duty in our islands and remote communities.

In 1997 fuel duty was 39p of every pound spent on fuel – now it is 57p, a 45% increase. The SNP has repeatedly sought to introduce a fair fuel regulator to ensure that as oil prices go up fuel duty comes down.

SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Soaring fuel costs hit families and business across Scotland hard. Not only does it impact on road users, but it whas a knock-on effect on everything from public transport to the goods we buy in shops.

“The failure of the London parties to act on fuel prices shows how little they understand of the key issues across Scotland.

“In Scotland, the SNP is the clear alternative to the Westminster machine and the only party with a real alternative that will prevent massive fuel spikes.

“Cutting fuel duty when oil prices go up is essential for all. It is outrageous that duty has been allowed to increase by 45% at the same time as oil prices going up.

“Alastair Darling’s refusal to cut rates on rural fuel is the final slight to Scotland’s hard pressed communities.”


The SNP manifesto pledges on fuel are:

• Our proposal would see increased revenues from higher oil prices and petrol prices recycled to lower fuel duty. This would keep a limit on soaring fuel prices while protecting anticipated revenues for the Treasury.

• Across Scotland, many hard pressed families are struggling to cope as fuel prices continue to soar – in some rural areas they are now in excess of £1.30 per litre. The recent 3p increase will be sorely felt by both hauliers and motorists. The SNP’s campaign against these rises will continue.