Question S5O-01177: Third Sector

26 Jun 2017

To ask the Scottish Government how it can ensure that organisations in the third sector are able to have their voices heard.

Answered by Angela Constance (28/06/2017):Hearing from the third sector is a vital part of our civic society and we value the experience and insight charities bring to public policy development as well as their willingness to speak truth to power. The third sector is making a real difference to the lives of individuals and communities right across Scotland on a daily basis, which is why we have protected funding to the sector for 2017-18 at the 2016-17 level of £24.5 million. This investment will not only allow the third sector to continue to deliver real change on the ground, but it will also support them to have their voice heard at a local and national level.

Current Status: Answered by Angela Constance on 28/06/2017

Question S5O-00930: Breaking Gender Barriers

05 May 2017

To ask the Scottish Government how schools can encourage young people to select subjects in a way that is not along traditional gender lines.

Answered by John Swinney (03/05/2017):The education system aims to provide all children and young people with a range of learning experiences that meet their individual needs and aspirations. Early careers information advice and guidance is in place to raise awareness of opportunities and support informed subject choices.

Encouraging diversity in the workforce by tackling gender stereotyping in career options such as STEM is central to the Developing the Young Workforce programme.

Question S5O-00860:

20 Apr 2017

John Mason Scottish National Party

  1. “To ask the Scottish Government what the impact is of water charges on smaller organisations that operate in business centres in which they do not have their own water supply but share kitchens and toilets. (S5O-00860)”

Roseanna Cunningham Scottish National Party

“All businesses in Scotland that are connected to the public supply are liable for water and sewerage charges. Where a property is part of a much larger building that is connected to public water and/or sewerage, it may be liable for charges if it has access to services in the common parts of the building.”

John Mason Scottish National Party

“There are a number of businesses in my constituency that are really struggling with heavy business rates, specifically from Business Stream. They seem to be trapped, because they are not allowed to switch to another supplier while they have arrears with Business Stream and their landlords are reluctant to install a meter that would show how little water is being used. Can the cabinet secretary suggest a way out of the situation?”

Roseanna Cunningham Scottish National Party

“It is important for all customers to pay their fair share for services received and, at the moment, there are no plans to offer alternative charging arrangements for the situation that the member described.

Business Stream works hard to ensure that it takes as much account as possible of the individual circumstances that customers face. If there are businesses with very individual issues, I recommend that the member takes those issues up directly with Business Stream if he has not already done so, or writes to me about individual circumstances.”

Question S5O-00817: Violence against women in prostitution

28 Mar 2017

To ask the Scottish Government what action it is taking to tackle violence against women in prostitution.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 23/03/2017