Motion S5M-10181: Celtic and Rangers on Hampden

01 Feb 2018

That the Parliament congratulates Rangers and Celtic football clubs on working together on the question of where Scotland’s international football matches, cup finals and other such major games should be played in the future; considers that their suggestions of using Celtic Park and Ibrox Stadium in place of Hampden are worthy of consideration, and hopes that examples such as this of these clubs working together might also help to improve the relationship between their respective fans.

Motion S5M-10091: Reward Work, Not Wealth

25 Jan 2018

That the Parliament welcomes the Oxfam report, Reward Work, not Wealth, which finds that the world’s richest 1% own 82% of global wealth; understands that, according to the report, half of the world’s population received no share of all the wealth created globally, while billionaires have grown their wealth by $762 billion, which is enough to end “global extreme poverty seven times over”; believes that 2017 saw the largest growth in the number of billionaires in history with a new billionaire joining the ranks every two days, bringing the number worldwide to 2,043, 90% of whom are men; notes that Oxfam highlight a general trend of suppression of freedom of speech in many of the countries in which they work, with CIVICUS, an alliance dedicated to strengthening citizens, finding that there are now serious threats to civic freedoms in more than 100 countries; agrees with the words of the former US Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis, who said “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.”; highlights the danger that it considers rampant inequality presents to people’s way of life; welcomes the recommendations in the report that focus on tackling extreme wealth through the use of mechanisms such as pay ratios, redistribution and eradicating the use of tax havens; deplores the scale of inequality revealed by this report, and calls on the Scottish Government and UK Government to use the powers available to them to meet the recommendations and tackle rampant income inequality.

Motion S5M-09990: Norwegian Airline Reduces Flights

20 Jan 2018

That the Parliament notes the news that the airline, Norwegian, will be withdrawing a route to Connecticut from Edinburgh due, it believes, to delays in the reduction of Air Passenger Duty (APD) or Air Departure Tax (ADT); understands that the airline will also be reducing the number of flights to Rhode Island and Stewart, north of New York City; believes that this is the first time that an airline has said that it is cutting flights due to APD; accepts that there are arguments on both sides of APD and that there are legal complications; considers that one of Scotland’s key strengths is its tourism industry, and looks forward to further consideration of a reduction in APD, which it believes will bring with it significant potential benefits to the sector and the number of international flights into and out of Scotland.

Motion S5M-10002: Admiral Thomas Cochrane Crosses the Atlantic Once More

20 Jan 2018

That the Parliament welcomes the news that three bronze statues have begun their journey across the Atlantic to highlight the contribution that Admiral Thomas Cochrane, who was born in Hamilton and raised in Fife, made to the independence of Chile; understands that they are part of a set of four commissioned by Manuel Ibañez, who is a Chilean businessman; notes that they were sculpted by Leonie Gibbs, who is from from Cupar, and cast at the Black Isle Bronze Foundry in Nairn; understands that the pieces are one-and-a-half times life size and were commissioned to “have a powerful heartbeat”; notes that they are being installed at the Chilean naval academy in Valparaiso, Manuel’s farm and in the square of Cochrane, located alongside Lake Cochrane, with the other statue remaining in Scotland for Lochnell Castle in Oban, which is the home of the 15th Earl of Dundonald, who is descended from Cochrane; believes that Cochrane lived an exceptionally adventurous life, joining the Royal Navy aged 18 in 1793 and quickly proving himself and his disdain for authority; notes that he was court marshalled in 1798 for challenging an officer to a duel and was given the nickname “the Sea Wolf” by Napoleon; acknowledges that he was elected an MP on a ticket of Parliamentary reform before losing his seat and winning it again following his conviction in the so-called Great Stock Exchange Fraud of 1814; understands that he served in the Chilean, Brazilian and Greek navies during their independence wars, and believes that his story highlights the massive impact that Scots have had on events throughout the world and will no doubt continue to have in the future.