Motion S5M-11266: Anti-racism March

01 Mar 2018

That the Parliament welcomes that a march against racism organised by Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) took place in Glasgow on 17 March 2018; notes that members from throughout Scotland of the Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland (COFIS) sought to participate in the march in order to oppose antisemitism; regrets, however, that COFIS members were reportedly blocked from taking part in the main march by demonstrators who appeared to be against any participants sympathetic towards Israel; considers that criticism of Israeli policies and antisemitism can be easily confused and difficult to distinguish from each other; regretfully believes that this and other events suggest that antisemitism is alive in Scotland in 2018, and calls on everyone to reflect on their attitudes towards Israel and the Jewish community in Scotland.

Scottish Budget Week

23 Feb 2018

Motion S5M-10538: Housing and Societal Inequality

20 Feb 2018

That the Parliament notes the recent report from Zoopla, which shows that the number of homes valued over £1,000,000 in Scotland has increased by 2,264; understands that this represents an increase of one quarter over 2017; believes that this growth highlights increasing wealth for the richest and a rising gap between the richest and poorest; considers that such increases in wealth are not adequately taxed; recognises that, compared to many other areas of the UK, Scotland has a relatively small number of these properties with 11,101, compared with the South East of England, which has 180,397; believes that this inequality in society is unhealthy and potentially damaging for the economy, and welcomes any proposals to deal with this through taxation or otherwise.

Motion S5M-10466: World Radio Day

15 Feb 2018

That the Parliament welcomes World Radio Day, which is held annually on 13 February and aims to celebrate why people love radio and, it believes, need it now more than ever; understands that the day was first announced at the 36th UNESCO Conference after being proposed by Spain; notes that this year’s theme is Radio and Sports, looking at a variety of issues, including gender equality in sports broadcasting; further notes that, according to the Radio Joint Audience Research (RAJAR) Q4 2017 figures, 90% of the UK adult population tuned into a radio station weekly in the fourth quarter of 2017, with a total of 1.039 billion hours being listened to a week on average; further understands that 62% of the population now tune into radio digitally each week; welcomes an increase in listeners of 178,000 on the same period in 2016, and considers that this shows that radio is still a trusted and resilient pillar for a huge number of people in Scotland at a time of what it sees as falling trust in many other forms of communication.