Motion S5M-17474: David Martin, 35 Years as an MEP

30 May 2019

That the Parliament thanks David Martin for serving the interests of Scotland in the European Parliament since 1984; understands that David was the UK’s longest serving MEP and, behind Elmar Brok of the German CDU, the second longest serving member overall; believes that, during his tenure as Vice President of the European Parliament, David was instrumental in developing the Maastricht Treaty; agrees that the praise that he has received from people of all political persuasions demonstrates the respect that he has garnered from across the party divide; congratulates David on all of his successes throughout his 35 years in Brussels and Strasbourg, and wishes him well for the future.

Motion S5M-17373: Springfield Properties, Making Use of Waste Plastic

22 May 2019

That the Parliament congratulates the Moray-based firm, Springfield Properties, on, it understands, being the first house builder in the UK to build a road on a housing development using waste plastic; understands that this is part of the project at its Linkwood Steadings development in Elgin; notes that the company joined forces with the Alness-based asphalt producer, Pat Munro, and MacRebur, which is a Lockerbie-based business that is responsible for developing this innovative technology that enables waste plastic to be added to asphalt for use on roads; agrees that what it sees as such examples of environmental ingenuity, planning and cooperation are indispensable for Scotland to become a climate-neutral nation, and commends all three companies for their role in making Scotland a greener and cleaner society.

Motion S5M-17323: Beatrice Built

15 May 2019

That the Parliament welcomes the news that the construction of the 588 MW Beatrice offshore wind farm in the Moray Firth has now been completed, making it the largest offshore wind farm in the world using jacket foundations; congratulates Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Limited, a joint venture between Scottish and Southern Energy, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and the Edinburgh-based Red Rock Power Limited, on its achievements; considers that the Beatrice wind farm, which is expected to power approximately 450,000 homes, is another important step towards to climate neutrality in Scotland, and further considers that this ground-breaking project reinforces Scotland’s position as a world leader in renewable energy development.

Motion S5M-17322: Glasgow Making the First Move on Climate Neutrality

15 May 2019

That the Parliament notes that Glasgow City Council, in partnership with Scottish Power, has committed to ambitious plans that would see Glasgow become the UK’s first “net-zero” city; understands that the partnership aims to reach this target earlier than what it considers the already progressive target of 2045 set out by the Scottish Government; further understands that it is hoped that such a target will create a “race to zero” between other cities, including Edinburgh, that are aiming to balance greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting; commends the vision and cooperation of Glasgow City Council and Scottish Power, and encourages other Scottish cities to make similarly ambitious climate-neutral plans.