Motion S5M-15229: Oppression of Minorities in China

03 Jan 2019

That the Parliament deplores the treatment of a number of minority nationalities, faith groups and others by the Chinese Government; is particularly concerned about the plight of Tibet and Tibetans, Uighur Muslims living in Xinjiang, Christians throughout China and practitioners of Falun Gong; notes reports that “re-education camps” are said to contain between 500,000 and 2 million Uighur and other Muslim minority people, mainly men; notes with extreme concern reports of malnourishment, deaths and the forced use of drugs in these camps, with some former prisoners mentioning the use of torture; considers that the people of Scotland, including those in the Glasgow Shettleston constituency, expect their Parliament to speak out on what it considers such human rights abuses, despite the fact that China is an important trading partner, and expresses solidarity with those living in China and Tibet who find their way of life under threat.

Motion S5M-15207: Christmas Day

19 Dec 2018

That the Parliament notes that 25 December marks Christmas Day and is celebrated by Christians as the birth day of Jesus, whom they believe was born without Mary and Joseph having sexual relations and was both completely human and completely divine; acknowledges that Christians believe that Jesus lived for some 33 years in what was then Roman-occupied territory and fulfilled his main purpose of dying by crucifixion in order to pay for the sins of past and future generations; considers that Christianity has had a huge impact in Scotland over many centuries and that this faith has a valid place in present day society and will continue to do so in future, and wishes everyone well as Christians celebrate this important day in their calendar.

Motion S5M-09563: Hampden Park

15 Dec 2018

That the Parliament notes with affection the tremendous role that Hampden Park has played in the history of Scottish football at both international and club level over many years; further notes that Glasgow has two other excellent large stadia at Celtic Park and Ibrox, while Edinburgh has the larger and also excellent Murrayfield; considers that the present Hampden is a poor shadow of its former self; believes that, without Hampden, Glasgow can still be the venue for major football matches, but that Murrayfield and medium-sized club grounds such as Tynecastle, Easter Road and Pittodrie could be used as appropriate, and hopes that the Scottish Football Association will seriously consider whether Scotland really needs four large sports stadia.

Motion S5M-14705: Passing of Reverend Laurence Whitley

12 Nov 2018

That the Parliament notes with sadness the passing of Reverend Laurence Whitley, the former Church of Scotland minister of Glasgow Cathedral, at the age of 69; understands that Reverend Whitley was born in Port Glasgow to a family experienced in church service, with his father, Dr Harry Whitley, being minister of St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh; further notes that Reverend Whitley stood as a candidate for the SNP in the two 1974 General Elections, contesting the Dumfries seat and increasing the SNP share of the vote by 7%; understands that, after graduating in arts from the University of Edinburgh, he moved to St Andrews to study divinity; recognises that his probationary year was spent as minister of St Andrew’s Church in Dundee before taking over the linked charges of Busby West and Busby East; notes that he spent 10 years in Busby, which is where he met his future wife; understands that he then moved on to become the minister for Montrose Old, spending more than 20 years there before being called to service at Glasgow Cathedral in 2007; welcomes the efforts made by Reverend Whitley to improve the representation of the Kirk Session of the Glasgow Cathedral through the introduction of women to the membership; further welcomes his efforts to improve ecumenical relations, with Archbishop Mario Conti giving him praise for his work, and sends its deepest condolences to his family and friends.