S4M-13385: Fostering

04 Jun 2015

That the Parliament notes recent research by The Fostering Network, which suggests that there are now over 5,500 children living in the around 4,400 foster homes in Scotland, compared with 4,000 children in 2006; understands that the network estimates that, in order to support this increased number in 2015 alone, the country will need to find 750 new foster carers; praises the people who have opened their hearts and their homes to these youngsters, who can be vulnerable and often come from deprived communities, such as Shettleston in Glasgow; believes that becoming a foster carer can be a challenging prospect, and notes what it sees as the importance of being as supportive as possible of fostering and foster families.

S4M-13311: Fifa Arrests

28 May 2015

That the Parliament notes the recent arrests of several FIFA officials as part of an investigation into alleged corruption within the organisation; supports calls by the Scottish Football Association for a fundamental change in the way that world football is governed; understands that many football fans in Scotland are frustrated by the numerous scandals that have arisen at FIFA in recent years, and believes that urgent action must be taken to ensure that football’s image and integrity are protected.

S4M-13173: Rail Freight

14 May 2015

That the Parliament notes the recent presentation by Rail Freight Group’s David Spaven at the April 2015 meeting of the cross-party group on rail, at which some of the challenges and opportunities facing rail freight in Scotland were highlighted; believes that rail freight plays an important role in Scotland’s commercial transport industry and brings with it many unique benefits, such as leaving a lighter carbon footprint than traditional road transport; further believes that rail freight has a lot of unrealised potential in Scotland; considers that rail freight’s importance on mainland Europe is a good example of how it can support trade and manufacturing; hopes that what it sees as rail freight’s great potential in Scotland will be realised, and believes that members should do what they can to support what it considers this important industry.

Motion S4M-13032: International Women’s Congress Centennial

28 Apr 2015

That the Parliament notes the marking of the centennial of the first International Women’s Congress; understands that, as the First World War was being fought among increasing carnage, over 1,200 women from 12 countries met in The Hague for three days to discuss how the conflict could be ended; believes that they were met with a great deal of mockery in the national press and faced restrictions on their ability to travel to the Netherlands, which was neutral at the time; understands that the delegates, including Chrystal Macmillan from Scotland, passed 20 resolutions on how to avoid future war; believes that the wisdom of these brave pioneers is still relevant today, and hopes that their example will be remembered when people recall what it considers were the terrible tragedies of the First World War.