Motion S4M-13752: Living Wage Definition

09 Jul 2015

That the Parliament notes that the living wage is formulated by an independent cost-of-living calculation conducted by the Centre for Research in Social Policy; understands that this calculation seeks to work out what wage a person needs to earn in order to live; believes that the meaning of the term “living wage” should not be subverted as it considers is being attempted by the Chancellor; considers that £7.20 cannot be described as a national living wage; understands that a recent study by KPMG showed that increasing the minimum wage of £6.50 to the living wage of £7.85 would lift six million people out of poverty, and hopes that in future all workers will be able to earn at least enough to live on.

Motion S4M-13654: Further Austerity

25 Jun 2015

That the Parliament notes the recent report by The Fraser of Allander Institute, which it believes has warned that further austerity measures in the next UK budget could threaten economic recovery in Scotland; agrees with the view expressed by the institute when it urged the Chancellor to consider slowing down the pace of the UK Government’s austerity measures; believes that many people in Scotland do not want further austerity measures, and hopes that this is reflected in the next budget in July 2015.

Motion S4M-13507: Reducing Offensive Behaviour

12 Jun 2015

That the Parliament notes the recent report by researchers from the University of Stirling and ScotCen Social Research on the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012; understands that there were 193 charges in 2014-15 and that the researchers discovered that 58 of the charges were raised against individuals affiliated with Rangers, 30 with Aberdeen and 19 with Celtic; further understands that 42 (84%) of the charges deemed to be religious in nature included behaviour that was derogatory toward Roman Catholics; considers that this legislation has emphasised that offensive behaviour at football is not acceptable; believes that sectarianism has no place in Scottish society, and remains committed to using all means available to tackle sectarianism, anti-Catholicism and anti-Irish racism.

S4M-13385: Fostering

04 Jun 2015

That the Parliament notes recent research by The Fostering Network, which suggests that there are now over 5,500 children living in the around 4,400 foster homes in Scotland, compared with 4,000 children in 2006; understands that the network estimates that, in order to support this increased number in 2015 alone, the country will need to find 750 new foster carers; praises the people who have opened their hearts and their homes to these youngsters, who can be vulnerable and often come from deprived communities, such as Shettleston in Glasgow; believes that becoming a foster carer can be a challenging prospect, and notes what it sees as the importance of being as supportive as possible of fostering and foster families.