Motion S5M-15858: Scotland Needs Access to Cash

14 Feb 2019

That the Parliament notes that recent research by Which? shows that Scotland has lost 399 bank branches since 2015 and 290 ATMs in just the last year; considers that bank branches and ATMs are lifelines for people in both rural and urban areas of Scotland, especially those who experience chronic health issues; believes that, although many individuals are turning to alternative methods of banking, it is essential that a significant number of branches and ATMs remain open to allow those without the means to access digital services to bank securely in person at a branch or ATM, and agrees with Which?’s recommendation that a regulator should be appointed by the UK Government to ensure that cash continues to be available for all.

Motion S5M-15810: Global Inequality on the Rise

11 Feb 2019

That the Parliament notes the recent report by Oxfam highlighting what it considers the alarming rate at which global inequality is increasing, with 26 individuals reportedly owning the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population, which is 3.8 billion people; considers that the under-taxation of society’s wealthiest individuals and corporations is directly linked to widening inequality; acknowledges the report’s finding that the richest 10% of people in the UK are paying a lower effective rate of tax than the poorest 10%, when consumption taxes are considered; believes that wealth needs to be taxed at fairer levels to strengthen public services and allow all members of society the opportunity to flourish, regardless of the financial circumstances that they are born into, and considers that there needs to be a greater emphasis on taxing wealth and ensuring that nobody is left behind.

Motion S5M-15387: Find Your Balance on Portion Sizes

14 Jan 2019

That the Parliament welcomes the guide produced by the British Nutrition Foundation, Find your balance; understands that the guide aims to help tackle growing portion sizes and promote a balanced diet; notes that portion size is not often considered when it comes to eating healthily, despite being a key factor in diet; understands that the guide offers practical measures for portion sizes through the use of hands and spoons with, for example, two handfuls of dried pasta or rice being roughly 75g; appreciates the spotlight that this guide shines on how best to achieve a healthy diet, and believes that there needs to be more emphasis on the quantity of food that people eat, as well as the quality.

Motion S5M-15231: France to Overtake UK in Economic League

04 Jan 2019

That the Parliament notes the release of the report, World Economic League Table, by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, which shows that France is likely to overtake the UK as the sixth largest economy in the world in 2019; understands that the report states that “disruption” caused by Brexit was inevitable and would lead to a damaging drop in both inward and business investment; considers that this clearly underlines that the UK is not a force for economic stability, and believes that an independent Scotland could do much better than what it considers the rampant economic self-harm being carried out by successive UK governments.