S4M-15258: Fat Cat Tuesday

05 Jan 2016

That the Parliament notes that 5 January 2016 has been called Fat Cat Tuesday; understands that, according to the High Pay Centre, it is the day that top executives in the UK will have been paid more than the average yearly salary of a worker; further understands that the chief executives of FTSE 100-listed companies were paid an average of £4.96 million in 2014; believes that, even if they are assumed to work long hours with few holidays, this is still equivalent to an hourly pay of more than £1,200; understands with concern that the pay gap is increasing and that incentives for chief executives can include a bonus of 50% of their salary; believes that this is happening against the backdrop of the average annual pay of workers increasing by just 1.6% from £27,200 to £27,645 in 2015; agrees with the High Pay Centre that the figures raise doubts about the effectiveness of the UK Government’s efforts to tackle top executive pay, and, to help tackle what it sees as the toxic influence that the wealth gap has on society, hopes for implementation of the proposals by the centre, such as the representation of ordinary workers on the remuneration committees that set executive pay, and the publication of the pay gap between a company’s highest and median earner.

S4M-15246: Reopening of Forth Bridge

23 Dec 2015

That the Parliament notes what it sees as the highly encouraging news that the Forth Road Bridge has reopened after 19 days of closure; appreciates what it considers the sterling work performed by engineers and other staff in recent weeks, which has resulted in the reopening some 13 days ahead of schedule; understands, however, the disappointment that heavy good vehicles over 7.5 tonnes will not be able to use the bridge until further work is completed, hopefully around mid-February 2016; further appreciates the work of the various public transport operators in expanding services in recent weeks to cope with the extra demand, and thanks everyone involved for the what it sees as the huge amount of effort that they have put into this crucially important operation despite challenging weather conditions.

S4M-15244: Wealth Inequality Increasing

22 Dec 2015

That the Parliament notes the findings of the latest wealth and assets survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS); understands that it suggests that the gap between the wealthiest and poorest in the UK is 34% wider than it was in the period 2006-08, with the wealthiest 10% of households owning at least £1.05 million while those in the bottom 10% have no more than £12,600; deplores the richest 10% reportedly owning 45% of the total aggregate household wealth, compared with the least wealthy 50% of households having just 9%; understands that, compared with the previous ONS report, the wealth of the top tenth of households has increased by 21% but that the poorest half of households has seen growth of only 7%; believes that wealth inequality gives disproportionate power to the wealthy and damages the economy and society at large, and considers that a healthy and stable society cannot survive with what it sees as such disparity.

Motion S4M-15127: Mojo

11 Dec 2015

That the Parliament deplores the reported comment by George Osborne that “Britain has got its mojo back” regarding the decision to bomb Syria; notes what it considers the callousness of these comments at a time when the very real human cost of war in Syria is evident for all to see; hopes that Mr Osborne will apologise for what it considers his chauvinistic remarks that trivialise the seriousness and cost of war to everyone involved; notes what it sees as the overwhelming anti-war stance of Scottish MPs, with 97% voting against the bombings, and is certain that Scotland as a whole is not in any rush to receive George Osborne’s “mojo”.