Motion S4M-15669: Increase in Scottish Employment

19 Feb 2016

That the Parliament welcomes the most recent Office for National Statistics figures, which find that employment in Scotland reached an all-time high between October and December 2015; notes that this is the second record-setting quarter in a row, with September to November previously being the highest on record; further notes the finding that there were 22,000 more Scots in employment, leading to an employment rate of 74.8%, which was above the UK average of 74.1%; considers that this is good news for the Scottish economy, however, believes that more work needs to be done to ensure that employers pay the living wage as set by the Living Wage Foundation.

Motion S4M-15649: Junior Doctor Contracts

12 Feb 2016

That the Parliament deplores the handling of junior doctors’ contracts in England by the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt; further deplores what it considers the lack of proper engagement shown by the UK Government in what it sees as the latest in a long line of politically motivated attacks on the NHS south of the border; congratulates the junior doctors and the British Medical Association (BMA) on what it sees as their positive and organised opposition to what it considers these unfair changes; welcomes confirmation from the Scottish Government that what it considers these fundamentally unfair contracts will not be imposed on junior doctors in Scotland, and welcomes those seeking fairer contracts to look for jobs in the NHS in Scotland.

S4M-15536: Homelessness in Glasgow

01 Feb 2016

That the Parliament understands that an increasing number of homeless folk are seeking help this winter; notes the reported 60% rise in rough sleepers looking for a bed with Glasgow City Mission and the Lodging House Mission, with 711 cases being logged in December 2015 compared with 437 in December 2014; understands that 40 beds are available but, on some nights this winter, the missions have had to turn people away due to excess demand; believes that the previous three years of rising homelessness show that the welfare cuts pursued by the UK Government are not only not working but are actively pushing people into abject poverty; appreciates the important service that the Lodging House Mission and Glasgow City Mission provide to people in desperate circumstances, and hopes that the Scottish Government, local authorities and homelessness charities can work together to help mitigate the worst impacts of what it sees as the UK Government’s undermining of the welfare state.

S4M-15500: E-cigarettes can harm young

28 Jan 2016

That the Parliament notes the findings of a study published in the journal,Tobacco Control, by a group of academics, which found that young people who tried e-cigarettes who had not smoked before were almost three times more likely to take up traditional cigarettes; further notes that, of the youngsters who had not smoked e-cigarettes at the start of the study, one in 10 had used e-cigarettes by the end of the study, with 2% having experimented with traditional cigarettes; understands that the report findings suggest that the use of e-cigarettes by adolescents may not be without detrimental impact, and is very concerned that e-cigarettes may be a means by which young people are enticed into very harmful traditional smoking.