Motion S5M-00724: Scotland Best for Junior Doctors

14 Jul 2016

That the Parliament notes the publication of figures showing that Scotland is a world-class destination for junior doctors, with an increase in recruitment; welcomes the more than 5,700 junior doctors who have chosen to train in Scotland in 2016-17; understands that the figures, which come from NHS Education Scotland, showed a 27% rise in the number of students choosing Scotland as their first preference, with an 18% rise in the number of doctors who had graduated up to two years previously; believes that the increase is related to the dreadful treatment of junior doctors by the UK Government; congratulates the Scottish Government on its positive relations with the health sector, and once again welcomes all who seek to make a career in the Scottish NHS.

Motion S5M-00698: Israel and Turkey Normalise Relations

07 Jul 2016

That the Parliament welcomes the restoration of relations between Israel and Turkey after a six-year break; believes that this can set an example for other nations in the region to improve relations between one another; further welcomes the news that, as part of the deal, Turkey has already shipped 11,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid destined for Gaza, and hopes that more nations can work together to overcome past difficulties to build a lasting peace in the region.

Motion S5M-00377: Queen Street Tunnel

08 Jun 2016

That the Parliament understands that engineers have finished laying the first line of track through Glasgow Queen Street tunnel; notes the impressive nature of the project, with over 5,000 tonnes of concrete and rock used to create 945 metres of concrete basing, 820 metres of new slab-track units and 2,000 metres of rail; congratulates the workers from the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme on the work done so far; understands that, while this work is necessary, it has unavoidably caused disruption to many passengers, and, as such, looks forward to the completion of the project and the reopening of the tunnel and of Queen Street high level station in August 2016.

Motion S5M-00375: McCulloch Rail in America

08 Jun 2016

That the Parliament congratulates Billy and Danny McCulloch of McCulloch Rail on the news of their contract to provide the New York Subway system with brand new rail laying machines; understands that, until the introduction of the McCullochs’ new machine, laying track in the New York subway had been handled manually, which had led to a high level of injuries for workers due to the backbreaking nature of the work; understands that, alongside this, there have been notes of interest from metros across the United States, including Washington DC; looks forward to seeing what it is sure will be the ongoing success of McCulloch Rail both in Scotland and abroad, and considers that Scotland is well able to lead the world in engineering and in other fields.