Motion S5M-00998: Scotland’s Growing Population

11 Aug 2016

That the Parliament notes the publication of Scotland’s Population 2015: Registrar General’s Annual Review of Demographic Trends; welcomes the increase in the population to 5,373,000, which is the highest record level ever; understands that, over the next 25 years, it is projected to increase by 7%; believes that a growing population is healthy for the economy as it means more taxpayers are able to contribute to vital public services, and hopes that people will continue to choose Scotland as their home.

Motion S5M-00967: Windfarms and Tourism

10 Aug 2016

That the Parliament notes the research published by BIGGAR Economics that finds that windfarms have had no negative impact on the tourism industry; understands that the research looked at 18 sites across Scotland, taking into account employment in tourism before and after the renewables projects were developed; further understands that the report actually found that many of the local authority areas with the largest growth in onshore windfarms were those that had experienced the biggest bounce in employment in the tourism sector; recognises the 21,000 jobs supported by the renewable energy sector in Scotland; further notes research performed by Scottish Renewables, which finds that roads and paths built for windfarm sites may actually encourage more people to explore the countryside, and believes that these reports show that Scotland can have both a world-leading renewables sector and a world-leading tourism sector.

Motion S5M-00905: End of Right to Buy

02 Aug 2016

That the Parliament welcomes the end of the right to buy scheme in Scotland; believes that the scheme promoted short-term gain for individuals above the long-term needs of society by directly leading to the fall in the construction of new housing; understands that the repeal of the scheme has been welcomed by housing bodies across Scotland, with the head of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations saying that the move “hasn’t come a moment too soon”; notes that nearly 500,000 homes had been sold since the scheme was introduced in 1980; further understands that, at a time of housing shortage, the removal of the right to buy will make it more viable for councils and housing associations to invest in long-term projects as they will no longer be forced to sell property at a loss, and believes that this can only be a positive step in terms of ensuring that everyone in Scotland has access to affordable housing.

Motion S5M-00724: Anniversary of Spanish Civil War

20 Jul 2016

That the Parliament notes the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War on 17 July 1936; acknowledges the place that the war had in the larger struggle against fascism across Europe in the years that followed; deplores the overthrow of a democratic government by military means; further deplores the human cost of the civil war with more than 500,000 people killed and almost as many displaced due to the conflict; further notes the sacrifices made by Scots and those of other nations who joined international brigades to fight for democracy, and believes that freedom will continue to endure as long as there are people willing to sacrifice themselves for it.