Motion S5M-05004: Increasing inflation

03 Apr 2017

That the Parliament notes the reported comments from EY Item Club economists that lower income households will not see any positives from the 12.5% jump in the net financial wealth of people in the UK; understands that this huge growth in the last year has come from increasing share prices outpacing rising inflation and slow wage growth; further understands that this means that only the relatively well-off who own financial assets are likely to see any benefit, while people on lower incomes will feel the bite of increasing inflation; believes that people on lower incomes will be hit even harder by rising prices as they tend to spend more of their income than high earners, and further believes that the expected 2.8% increase in prices, with just 0.1% real terms growth in household incomes, shows that economic growth and recovery must be broad and include everyone in society, regardless of income.

Motion S5M-04542: Fall in Births in Scotland

20 Mar 2017

That the Parliament notes the further fall in the number births recorded in Scotland, according to the National Records of Scotland (NRS); understands that the NRS recorded 54,488 births in 2016, which represents a fall of 1.1% on the previous year and the lowest total figure since 2005; further understands that the number of deaths recorded, while down on last year at 56,728, represents the second-highest annual total since 2003; notes that this is the second year in a row in which there have been more deaths than births in Scotland; is grateful to those who have chosen to come and live in Scotland so that it has a growing population; considers that this highlights the need in Scotland for immigration to address the population shortfall, and welcomes the contribution of those coming to Scotland, which benefits Scottish society culturally, socially and economically.

Motion S5M-04407: The Murder of Asad Shah

07 Mar 2017

That the Parliament deplores the news that, despite being in jail, the murderer of Asad Shah has been releasing recordings and building an online following; understands that the support Tanveer Ahmed has seen in Pakistan highlights the existing faultlines regarding the treatment of blasphemy in that country, with it still being punishable by death; believes that the example set by Mr Shah in showing love and compassion to all his neighbours, regardless of their faith, provides the perfect counterpoint to the clarion call of hatred made by extreme factions; considers that there is no place for such laws or attitudes towards blasphemy, and seeks a world where there is freedom of religion and belief, including the freedom to change or abandon one’s religion.

Motion S5M-03719: Sweden’s Population

20 Feb 2017

That the Parliament welcomes the news that Sweden’s population has passed 10 million for the first time; understands that immigration accounted for 75% of the growth from nine to 10 million over the previous 13 years; understands that there were more women in Sweden when the country reached nine million people in 2004 but that this has now changed with more men than women; notes that 82% of the population were born in Sweden; further notes that Sweden has kept detailed population records since 1749; acknowledges what it considers the success that smaller independent countries have achieved economically, culturally and socially, with small nations dominating the top ten of the GDP per capita tables, and considers that Scotland has been held back in many ways, including in population terms, since the Union in 1707.