Motion S5M-06837: Increased UK Borrowing

27 Jul 2017

That the Parliament acknowledges the Office for National Statistics figures, which show that public sector net borrowing, excluding state-owned banks, increased by £2 billion to £6.9 billion in June 2017 compared with the same month in the previous year; notes that previous forecasts had predicted £4.8 billion and that the total UK debt, excluding banks, stood at £1.75 trillion which is equivalent to 87.4% of GDP; believes that public borrowing itself is not necessarily a bad thing if kept to manageable levels and, if used to stimulate the economy, is in fact a tried and tested method for climbing out of a recession; considers, however, that the UK Government’s economic policy provides the worst of both worlds, as the country faces increased borrowing alongside what it considers a horrendous level of debt at a time when household incomes are falling at their fastest rate since 1976; believes that this is the latest in a long line of economic mismanagement from successive UK administrations, and considers that an independent Scotland would be very unlikely to mismanage the economy as badly as the UK has done.

Motion S5M-06811: Anti-Semitism in Scotland

20 Jul 2017

That the Parliament deplores the reported UK-wide rise in anti-Semitic incidents in the last year to what it understands is the highest level on record; understands that Scotland recorded 26 anti-Semitic incidents over the last year, 15 of which led to a criminal charge, with another 19 “non-criminal” anti-Semitic incidents; believes that many within the Jewish community are increasingly worried about facing discrimination due to their religion, with many choosing to keep their faith secret; understands that the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism compiled the analysis, which found that many of those surveyed had stopped attending their synagogue due to a fear of anti-Semitic incidents; considers this to be unacceptable, and calls on governments at all levels to ensure that action is taken to ensure that the problem of anti-Semitism is tackled head-on.

Motion S5M-06800: 21% of Scots Not Saving

20 Jul 2017

That the Parliament notes the findings from the Bank of Scotland’s annual How Scotland Lives study, which shows that a growing number of people in Scotland have no savings; understands that the study shows that 21% of people have not put any money away, which is up 3% on the previous year; notes with concern that those resident in Glasgow were found to be saving the smallest amount, with 27% saying that they had no savings; considers this to be due primarily to the inequality of income and wealth in society so that those less well-off are not able to maintain savings of three to six months’ wages, which is the recommended amount, and considers that a more equitable sharing of the UK’s and Scotland’s income and wealth must be a high priority for both parliaments.

Motion S5M-06566: Falling Disposable Income

30 Jun 2017

That the Parliament notes the figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which it believes show that the disposable income of UK households has fallen for three consecutive quarters for the first time since the 1970s; understands that the share of disposable income that is being invested into savings has fallen to a record low across the UK; further notes the warnings from the Bank of England, which it understands highlight a rapid growth in consumer borrowing through credit cards, personal loans and car finance; believes that, as a result of the decision to leave the EU, there is likely to be a continuing rise in the cost of living, which will particularly hit those less well off in society, and hopes that all levels of government will pursue policies that lead to a more even sharing of income and wealth than is currently the case.