Motion S5M-12848: Stream Technologies and a Fear of Heights

20 Jun 2018

That the Parliament notes the acquisition of the Glasgow-based Stream Technologies by the global software design company, Arm Holdings; accepts that there might sometimes be valid reasons for Scotland’s companies being sold off; understands however that, while the country has been very successful at starting up businesses, it has been less successful at growing them to a larger size because of what is sometimes called a “fear of heights”, which is a concern that a company might become too large; considers that having company headquarters functions in Scotland is extremely important for the economy, as this can be associated with high-quality jobs, and hopes that more of Scotland’s companies will grow larger without having to be sold off.

Motion S5M-12236: The Rich List and Inequality

15 May 2018

That the Parliament deplores what it sees as the increasing gap between the richest and poorest in society; notes the release of The Sunday Times Rich List 2018 , which suggests that there are 11 billionaires in Scotland, with a combined wealth of £16.2 billion; believes with regret that such inequality causes damage to the economy and has a negative impact on the most deprived people; considers that, through progressive taxation, some of this wealth could be channelled into making Scotland a fairer country, and calls on the UK Government to crack down on tax avoidance to ensure that tax is paid where it is due.

Motion S5M-11701: The VAT Opportunity

20 Apr 2018

That the Parliament notes the Reform Scotland briefing, The VAT Opportunity, which calls for the devolution of the purchase tax following Brexit; understands that, if such action was taken, the Parliament would become responsible for raising 60% of the money that it spends, reducing its reliance on income tax; notes that, under EU law, the devolution of VAT cannot be considered; believes that the Scottish Conservatives’ submission to the Smith Commission noted that “were it not illegal under EU law, we would have been inclined to recommend that VAT be devolved to the Scottish Parliament”; considers that the devolution of VAT could be of benefit to people in Shettleston and across the country, and notes the view that, in the unfortunate event of Brexit happening, the proposal should be considered seriously.

Motion S5M-11557: 20th Anniversary of Good Friday Agreement

18 Apr 2018

That the Parliament welcomes the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) or Belfast Agreement of 10 April 1998, which it considers largely brought to an end the violence of The Troubles in Northern Ireland following cross-party talks chaired by the US Senator, George Mitchell; understands that The Troubles started in the late 1960s and continued through until the signing of the GFA; notes that the GFA was built on the efforts of countless people who worked tirelessly in what seemed at times to be discouraging and risky circumstances to reach an end to the conflict; believes that, between 1966 and 2006, there were some 3,720 people killed and 47,541 injured, compared with under 200 deaths in the last 20 years; further believes that divisions in Northern Ireland society must continue to be tackled and commends the work of the Corrymeela Community among others in this regard; considers that the GFA was built on an assumption that the UK and Ireland would remain in the EU and that Brexit tends to undermine that fundamentally important pillar; is grateful to all those who contributed to end a conflict between neighbours; notes that, while there are many differences between Scotland and Northern Ireland, there is considerable shared history and culture, and considers that both need to move on from longstanding religious and related intolerance.