Motion S5M-13469: New Rolling Stock

10 Aug 2018

That the Parliament welcomes the news that the first of the new Hitachi 385 rolling stock began carrying passengers at the end of July 2018; understands that this allowed a fully electric service to be run between Edinburgh and Glasgow Queen Street via Falkirk High on 1 August for the first time; notes that this service was operated using Hitachi class 385 trains, class 380 trains and the “happy trains”, class 365; understands that extra 385s will be phased in to the Edinburgh–Glasgow and other lines as they are delivered; welcomes the operation of these new trains, which will help ensure that Scotland’s rail network is fit for the 21st century, and further welcomes the improvements that further electrification will bring to the environment.

Motion S5M-13429: Scotland’s Space Sector

09 Aug 2018

That the Parliament recognises the potential of the Scottish space sector; understands that, in 2017, it was revealed that Glasgow builds more satellites than any other European city, thanks to the focus on micro-satellites from companies such as Clyde Space and Spire Global; notes that a site between Tongue and Durness has been chosen as the country’s first vertical launch spaceport, and acknowledges the calls for Prestwick to be selected as the horizontal launch site; welcomes the contribution of £130 million to Scotland’s economy by the space industry, including 7,000 jobs; notes the recent start-up, the Asteroid Mining Corporation, which has been founded by Mitch Hunter-Scullion and aims to ensure that Scotland is at the forefront of potential asteroid mining, and welcomes the support of the public and private sectors towards innovation in the space industry.

Motion S5M-13353: World Day against Trafficking

31 Jul 2018

That the Parliament recognises the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July 2018; understands that UN member states adopted a resolution in 2013 that called for an annual day to raise awareness of victims of trafficking; considers that human trafficking and modern slavery are inter-linked and that, according to International Justice Mission (IJM), there are over 40 million slaves globally, with 25 million people in forced or bonded labour; is concerned that many of these people are children and are being starved, violently abused and made to work for nothing while their work reportedly generates approximately £110 billion for those exploiting them; understands that many everyday items, such as prawns in Thailand, fish in Ghana and bricks in India, are often produced by forced labour, with slaves being forced to work 18 hours a day, often unpaid; deplores the actions of those who are willing to enslave other humans for their own gain, and commends the work of groups such as IJM, which works tirelessly to tackle slavery in all its forms and has recently celebrated freeing the 100th child from slavery on Lake Volta, Ghana.

Motion S5M-13187: Sectarianism

16 Jul 2018

That the Parliament greatly regrets the verbal and physical abuse that it understands was made towards Tom White, the Catholic priest of St Alphonsus and St Mary’s churches in Calton, Glasgow on 7 July 2018; understands that this was linked to an Orange march passing his church and that such marches focus on and celebrate the defeat of Catholics and Catholicism in 1690 and other times; considers that an intentional or unintentional result of such marches is to stir hatred of Catholics; affirms its commitment to tackling all hate crime in Scotland, and considers that Orange marches must be restricted or ended if Scotland is serious about dealing with hatred against minority groups in society.