Decriminalizing women involved in the sex trade

28 Oct 2016

Question S5O-00149: Universal Basic Income

29 Sep 2016

To ask Scottish Government what consideration it has given to the feasibility of a universal basic income.

Answered by Jeane Freeman (15/09/2016):Tackling poverty and inequality is a top priority for this Government, and we give serious consideration to all ideas that could help us to do so. The Universal Basic Income is an interesting concept and we will certainly pay attention to research being carried out and the different models of UBI being piloted in other countries. We also recognise that there would be significant challenges with piloting a Universal Basic Income in the devolved context, whilst we do not have full control of tax and social security.


Current Status: Answered by Jeane Freeman on 15/09/2016

Update on Rail Issues in East End

28 Sep 2016


Motion S5M-01268: Fall in Serious Road Injuries on A9

07 Sep 2016

“That the Parliament welcomes the figures released by the A9 Safety Group, which show a decrease in the number of deaths on the A9 following the introduction of average speed cameras on the route; understands that the figures show that four fewer people were killed on the road and 22 fewer received serious injuries, compared to an equivalent period pre-installation; further welcomes the findings that the number of fatal and serious collisions has fallen by 45%, and believes that the decision to implement average speed cameras on the A9 should be considered a resounding success.”