Motion S5M-14289: Hypocrisy of the Labour Party

12 Oct 2018

That the Parliament condemns what it considers the hypocrisy of the Labour Party regarding its criticism of the funding for Glasgow City Council, Aberdeen City Council and other councils by the Scottish Government since 2007; further considers that Glasgow is a powerhouse of the Scottish economy but that it is not helpful to set one city against another in this way; understands that, for many years, Glasgow, under both Labour and SNP administrations, has been one of the best per capita-funded mainland local authorities in Scotland because of its level of need; further understands that all 32 local authorities would like more money from the Scottish Government; is deeply concerned that the current expectations are that the UK Government will continue to restrict the Scottish Budget, which it considers gives the Scottish Government limited room for manoeuvre; congratulates the SNP Council leader, Susan Aitken, and senior SNP councillors, who it considers have at last addressed the equal pay issue in Glasgow, which was largely avoided by their Labour predecessors; notes that all councils would like additional funding to address financial challenges but considers that Labour fails to explain where such funding might come from; understands that the SNP-minority administration was elected on a promise to establish a constructive relationship with the Scottish Government that gets results for Glasgow and congratulates both bodies on, it considers, achieving this; assumes that Labour’s plan for additional funding for Glasgow, Aberdeen and every other council would mean matching cuts for the NHS, which it considers unacceptable; values the vital services that Glasgow City Council, and all local authorities, deliver on a daily basis, which it considers are crucial in the fight against poverty and inequality; believes that Glasgow has a leadership team that is a considerable improvement on its Labour predecessors; supports calls for COSLA to keep the distribution of council funding under review, and urges Scottish Government Ministers to continue what it sees as their excellent work of properly resourcing Glasgow and all local authorities across Scotland, in light of what it considers continuing tight financial settlements from the UK Government.