Motion S5M-09764: NHS Data

04 Jan 2018

That the Parliament notes the reported calls from the British Medical Association’s (BMA) Scottish Council to move away from a focus on “crude” targets; believes that multiple targets are making it more difficult to focus on delivering the best care for patients who find themselves using the Scottish NHS; agrees with the reported comments by Peter Bennie, chairman of the BMA’s Scottish Council, that “we need a fundamental shift to a more mature way of dealing with the data we have on our health service, which places more emphasis on doing the right things for patients and trusting doctors and healthcare staff to use their skills and judgement”; welcomes the offer from the BMA to work with those looking to build on the Review of Targets and Indicators in Health and Social Care in Scotland, which was carried out by Professor Sir Harry Burns on behalf of the Scottish Government and published in November 2017; believes that there should be further moves towards preventative spend in the community to reduce the pressure on more reactive services; recognises what it considers the importance of setting standards, and calls on all political parties and commentators to emphasise a wider view of patient care rather than just a few easily measured statistics.