Motion S5M-06811: Anti-Semitism in Scotland

20 Jul 2017

That the Parliament deplores the reported UK-wide rise in anti-Semitic incidents in the last year to what it understands is the highest level on record; understands that Scotland recorded 26 anti-Semitic incidents over the last year, 15 of which led to a criminal charge, with another 19 “non-criminal” anti-Semitic incidents; believes that many within the Jewish community are increasingly worried about facing discrimination due to their religion, with many choosing to keep their faith secret; understands that the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism compiled the analysis, which found that many of those surveyed had stopped attending their synagogue due to a fear of anti-Semitic incidents; considers this to be unacceptable, and calls on governments at all levels to ensure that action is taken to ensure that the problem of anti-Semitism is tackled head-on.