Motion S5M-05410: National Records of Scotland

11 May 2017

That the Parliament welcomes the figures released by the National Records of Scotland, which show Scotland’s population reaching a new record of 5,404,700; understands that this shows an increase of 31,700 over the year to June 2016; further understands that this increase is in large part down to migration, with 31,700 more people moving to Scotland rather than leaving; notes that migration from the rest of the UK was 5,900 higher than from overseas, however, 20,000 more people left Scotland to live in the rest of the UK when compared to those moving overseas, leading to a net gain of 22,900 from overseas and 8,800 from the rest of the UK; believes that these positive figures show that Scotland is a highly desirable country to live in, and considers that this highlights the need for Scotland to continue to be a welcoming outward looking country that is able to attract people here to live and work.