Motion S5M-02670: Type 26 and 31 Frigates

24 Nov 2016

That the Parliament notes with concern what it sees as the complete lack of detail provided by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) regarding the delivery of the new Type 26 and Type 31 frigates; understands that the UK Parliament’s defence committee has called on the MoD to provide necessary detail on the delivery of these ships and has suggested that, without this, the strategy is little more than a collection of aspirations; believes that the committee argued that the lack of forward planning shown by the MoD threatens the long-term sustainability of the shipbuilding industry; considers that this is unacceptable, particularly in light of what it believes were the promises made regarding Scotland’s shipyards before and after the independence referendum; deplores what it understands are the wider moves by the MoD to moving a disproportionate number of military bases away from Scotland; believes that the serious flaws found in the engine systems of the Type 45s shows that there is a need for a more organised approach to the construction of these vessels, and notes the calls on the MoD to take on board the recommendations made by the committee to ensure that those employed in Scotland’s shipbuilding industry will not be further damaged by what it believes have been unnecessary delays due to a lack of forward planning.