John congratulates Welsh Parliament on opt-out donations

09 Dec 2015

John Mason MSP submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament congratulating Wales on the introduction of an opt-out system of organ donation.

This change from the previous opt-in system of organ donation could lead to a 25% increase in total organ donations leading to more people who require transplants getting the organs they need.

If the Welsh model is successful John hopes it can eventually be implemented in Scotland.

Speaking on the new system John said :

“I am delighted to see Wales taking action to increase organ donation at a time when Wales has seen a small drop in overall donations last year. I hope the Welsh model with its focus on rights of the individual and family will prove successful and can then be brought to Scotland.”

The full text of the motion to Parliament is below :

That the Parliament congratulates Wales on the introduction of an opt-out system of organ donation on 1 December 2015; understands that this change in consent could lead to a 25% increase in the number of organs available and that the total number of deceased donors fell by 5% in Wales and 7.5% in Scotland over 2014-15 compared with the previous year; believes that any opt-out system must have strong safeguards in place; notes a recent Ipsos MORI poll that found that 62% of the Scottish population favours an opt-out system over an opt-in system, and hopes that the Welsh system will be successful and can be replicated in Scotland.