S4M-14044: Church Unity

25 Aug 2015

That the Parliament notes the serious fire damage to St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Old Kilpatrick and what it sees as the speedy response of the Old Kilpatrick Bowling Church of Scotland in offering its building for the displaced congregation to worship in; understands that, traditionally, there have been strained relations between different Christian denominations in the west of the country but notes positively the comments of the Rev John Harris in stating that, “I’ve always said that church unity is not an optional interest, it is a gospel imperative. If you look at all the wars and the way religion is getting blamed today, church unity is an essential. We have no message for the world if we continue to stay divided” and those of Father William McGinley who said, “I am overwhelmed with the love and the fraternal aspect of the ecumenism involved, and so are all the parishioners”; believes that all of the main Christian denominations agree on 90% of their teaching, and hopes that this example of Christian unity in Old Kilpatrick will be seen as an excellent example to be followed by Christians throughout Scotland.