S4M-10963: Sectarianism and Anti-Irish Racism

22 Sep 2014

Motion Number: S4M-10963
Lodged By: John Mason
Date Lodged: 22/09/2014
Title: ♦ Sectarianism and Anti-Irish Racism

Motion Text: That the Parliament notes what it considers the generally good atmosphere in which the independence referendum was conducted; understands that there were Catholics, Protestants, other Christians, those of other faiths and those of no faith campaigning and voting for both sides; understands with regret that sectarianism, including anti-Catholicism, and anti-Irish racism were brought into the debate in Glasgow Shettleston and some other areas, and notes the view that the Parliament and relevant local authorities need to give these issues more attention as Scotland moves forward.

*Supported by Siobhan McMahon MSP, Scottish Labour – Central Scotland