26 Nov 2013

Glasgow Shettleston’s MSP, John Mason, has today welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s White Paper on Scottish independence.

Speaking from the Scottish Parliament, the SNP MSP said:

“One of the things that has been clear to me when speaking to local residents has been that many people want independence but also want more information before they decide how to vote.

“Today’s launch of the White Paper sets out a lot of detail about the SNP’s plans for currency, broadcasting, defence, security, taxation, pensions and benefits.  It also answers over 600 questions on independence.  Does it have the answer to every possible question under the sun?  No, it does not.  But what it does do is give a broad picture about what an independent Scotland could look like – if Scots vote for it.  That of course is the whole point of independence – putting Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

“The announcement that 30 hours of childcare per week in term time for all 3 and 4 year olds, as well as vulnerable 2 year olds, is really good news.  I think a lot of families will conclude that independence is the only way to improve our economy, provide new employment opportunities, and make Scotland a better place to live, work and grow up.

“The passing of the Referendum Bill, the signing of the Edinburgh Agreement and today’s launch of the White Paper have all been significant steps.  This White Paper sets out in great detail the Scottish Government’s case for putting Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands and I would encourage everyone to have a read at it.  It shows there are huge benefits for all of us if Scotland becomes independent.”