18 Sep 2013

A city politician has rounded on Glasgow City Council following what he has called “bare faced hypocrisy” on the subject of renovating Winter Gardens in the run up to the Commonwealth Games next year.

SNP politician, John Mason MSP, has been calling upon the Council to take action to renovate and re-open Tollcross Winter Gardens in the run up to the 2014 Games.

A Council spokesman was quoted in Monday’s Evening Times as saying that over £140,000 worth of work will be required in Glasgow Green’s iconic glass house, which will be closed certain days in October for repair works.

Shettleston MSP, John Mason, commented:

“I’m afraid that the Council is simply guilty of bare faced hypocrisy on this. 

“I absolutely welcome the fact that further work is being done on the Glasgow Green Winter Gardens – it is a real gem in the crown of iconic East End landmarks.  So too, though, is Tollcross Winter Gardens which the Council is proposing to do absolutely nothing about.

“Just recently I visited the newly refurbished Tollcross Pool and Leisure Centre which looks superb.  However, it does strike me as being bonkers that we’ll spend lots of money on doing up Tollcross Leisure Centre but world visitors are expected to park their cars and walk past a dilapidated Tollcross Winter Gardens, which could very well end up like the Springburn glass house if nothing is done.  The Council need to act without delay.”