S4M-07325: Strengthening Ties between Scotland and the Faroe Islands

22 Jul 2013

S4M-07325 John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament notes that Scotland’s closest northern neighbour is the Faroe Islands and considers that Scotland shares much in common with them historically and culturally, not least through Scottish troops being stationed there during the Second World War; considers that current poor transport links are making it difficult for families and others to travel between Scotland and the Faroe Islands and is delighted that summer 2013 has again seen a charter flight from Inverness airport; regrets that there are currently tensions between the Faroe Islands and the EU regarding fishing stocks; affirms that all of Scotland’s neighbours are important to it and that Scotland wants to strengthen relationships with all of them, and hopes that the current tentative links can be greatly strengthened in the years ahead.