05 Jun 2013

Here for you… unless you live in Shettleston

SNP MSP John Mason tonight increased pressure on the Royal Bank of Scotland who plan to close their Shettleston Road branch.

Leading a Holyrood parliamentary debate on bank branch closures, the East End politician attacked RBS’ decision to turn its back on the people of Shettleston.

The branch is scheduled to close on Thursday 20th June which follows the closure of Bridgeton’s London Road branch in March earlier this year.

Speaking from Holyrood, SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason, said:

“Tonight we sent RBS a clear message – enough is enough.

“The irony of ironies is that RBS maintain that their company motto is “Here for you” but clearly that doesn’t count in Glasgow’s East End where they are turning their back on the very tax payers who bailed the bank out not so long ago.

“Throughout this entire process RBS have maintained that more people use digital banking but we know that, in poorer areas like ours, access to such facilities is more restricted and I fear that RBS simply haven’t done their homework here.

“The fact is that this remains a very busy branch and is well used by hundreds in the community who have signed a petition calling on the branch to halt closure.

“Unfortunately RBS have ignored the community, ignored the politicians, ignored the petition and – above all – they have ignored East End residents who would be well within their right to reconsider their business with a bank who seemingly have no interest in Shettleston anymore.”