14 Jun 2013

After two consultations the council finally listens to residents

Local politicians in Baillieston have welcomed confirmation from Glasgow City Council that it will ditch its plans to introduce a one-way system in Garrowhill.

SNP politicians, Councillor David Turner and John Mason MSP, have been leading a local campaign which saw hundreds of residents sign a petition calling on Glasgow City Council to think again.

In an email to Councillor David Turner this week, the Council confirmed that, following the second residents’ survey in the area – during which over 60% of residents voted no – it will now drop its plans to introduce a one-way system around Camp Road, Sugworth Avenue and Ryecroft Drive.

Commenting, local MSP, John Mason said:

“One of the disappointing things about this whole process was the fact that the two local community councils weren’t consulted.  This isn’t the first time the Council has proposed major changes in the East End and the Community Councils have been left out of the loop.  If the City Council is serious about local democracy and involving community representatives, then it must start with the community councils.  We all realise that the traffic problems in Garrowhill won’t be solved overnight but it wouldn’t do the City Council any harm to sit down with key community representatives to ask what local people actually want before pushing ahead.  This would have saved a lot of time and money rather than embark upon two residents’ consultations.”

SNP Councillor David Turner added:

“This is a victory for local residents, local democracy and, above all, common sense.  The fact that the Council even put these proposals out to consultation – not once but twice – really angered local residents who already made their views clear that a one-way system wouldn’t solve the problems.  Residents have made their views crystal clear, so I hope that these proposals won’t reappear again.”