13 May 2013

Local SNP politicians, Councillor David Turner and John Mason MSP, have welcomed today’s “major milestone” as building works commence on a new Garrowhill Primary School.

Contractors, City Building, will arrive on site today to start building the new Primary School which was given the go-ahead by the Scottish Government on 26th November 2009.

SNP Councillor for Baillieston ward, David Turner – who himself attended Garrowhill Primary between 1972 and 1979 – said:

“As a former Garrowhill Primary School pupil, I guess I’ve got mixed emotions about this change.  On the one hand, I remember some of the great times I had at the old school but, on the other hand, I’m absolutely delighted that Garrowhill is getting a new build school and, even better, it’s an SNP Government that’s allowed this to happen.

“Many local folk will know that the class room huts were actually only a temporary measure that was put in place during the war, so it’s long overdue that Garrowhill is brought up to a standard that reflects the 21st century and I’m glad we are making that a reality today.”

Local SNP MSP, John Mason, also commented:

“Today is a major milestone for the Garrowhill community.  I was first elected as a Councillor for the Garrowhill ward in 1998 and since then we have been seeking improvements to the school buildings.  So today is a real step forward for the people of Garrowhill.

“Of course, whilst today is a day of celebration for Garrowhill, I am all too aware that there are many other primary schools in the constituency – some in even worse condition than Garrowhill – that still require upgrading.

“Glasgow City Council has been far too slow in coming forward with a master plan for all the City’s schools.  We still have decaying schools all over the East End that fall way short of the mark expected by pupils, teachers, and parents.  Catchment areas need to be updated as well.  Therefore, the SNP in Glasgow will continue to challenge the Council on rebuilding or refurbishing every Glasgow School, as promised at last year’s Council elections”.